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Track Applications

Under Track - This is the most common installation for an automatic swimming pool cover with new construction of a swimming pool. With this application, the tracks are mounted below the coping. The tracks can be mounted directly to the underside of the coping but the best way is encapsulated. This method provides an extrusion which is mounted to the top of the pool bond beam before the coping is placed around the pool. The tracks go inside of the encapsulation and are then held in place by a plastic shim which raises the track into a mating groove in the encapsulation. Raised walls, spas and slides are easily incorporated into this design. The drive mechanism can be covered with many types and styles of lids for a truly unique and attractive automatic safety cover application.

Top Track - This application allows for the covering of existing pools. The pool cover tracks are mounted directly to the surface of the deck. The placement of the track is generally between the pool edge and any skimmers, handrails and/or auto-fill lines. Ladders can be made to hinge with the purchase of ladder hinges provided by most pool cover manufacturers as well as S. R. Smith, Inc. (part # A41657-0). Some larger pool cover applications require the use of blower systems to allow for a sheet of air to be forced under the fabric as it moves across the pool. This is sometimes needed to decrease the amount of surface tension caused by deck drag. The amount of existing deck may have to be increased so that a rectangle can be placed over the pool. Existing slides, handrails, water features and diving boards must be taken into consideration during this application.

Flush Track - With this method the tracking is installed inside of the deck, flush with the surface. This application must be completed before decking but after the finished elevation of the pool is set (coping). The placement of this pool cover track is generally between any skimmers, handrails and/or auto-fill lines and the pool edge. Care must be taken when pouring deck so that the installed tracking is not moved from its set placement. The exposed edge must be protected during decking by using plumbers tape or similar. The only draw back to this application is that the open edge of the track faces directly to the sky which tends to collect debris such as leaves, pine needles, lawn clippings, etc. This debris must be regularly flushed out with a water hose by the homeowner for optimal cover performance.

The track must always be taped off for protection anytime it has been installed ahead of pool completion.

Mechanism Applications
Under Pool Cover Mechanism - The drive mechanism is mounted below deck level in a recessed housing. The housing can be constructed as part of the swimming pool shell or may be provided by the cover manufacturer in a prefab kit. The housing can then be covered with an aluminum or composite lid provided by the cover manufacturer or may be made out of coping stone or deck material to match the surrounding pool area.
Top Pool Cover Mechanism - The drive mechanism is mounted directly to the surface of the deck, usually at the deep end of the pool. It may be enclosed with a bench kit provided by the pool cover manufacturer or may be built onsite. This method is generally used along with top track installation.
Any combination of the track/mechanism installations can be used to create a truly unique pool design.