We are ALL ABOUT automatic swimming pool safety COVERS
All covers sold and installed by "All About Covers" exceed ASTM F 1346-91 Safety Requirements
The cover fabric installed on the swimming pool filled to normal water level shall be capable of supporting the weight of 485 lbs. This total weight shall be composed of one 210 lb., one 225 lb. and one 50 lb. weight, each distributed over a one square foot area and all three contained within a three foot radius. The test weight shall be placed at the center of the cover system (or at least 4 ft., but not to exceed 6 ft.) from the edge of the swimming pool. The above test shall not cause damage to allow any of the test objects or persons to pass through the cover.

Many people won't purchase a swimming pool because of the safety and liability issues that are related to owning a swimming pool. An automatic pool cover overcomes these concerns by providing safety from accidental fall-ins during the times when the pool is not in use. Children, especially the ones under the age of five, are the most susceptible to fall into an unprotected pool. Acting as a "horizontal fence", the pool cover completely seals off access to the swimming pool water.

An automatic cover pump is provided with every new cover installation.This is required to limit the amount of rainwater build up on top of the pool cover. The pumps are self starting and may be left on the covers for extended periods without danger of malfunctioning. This is beneficial during vacations and at weekend homes.

In some areas an automatic pool cover may be used in lieu of a fence that may be otherwise required. If this is not the case, variances are often granted to people who own an automatic safety cover. The installation of an automatic swimming pool safety cover may also lower homeowners liability insurance, which generally increases with the addition of a swimming pool. Keep in mind that a house with a swimming pool and a pool safety cover sells better than a house with a swimming pool without a safety cover.
Many automatic cover manufacturers are now incorporating WiFi connect-ability into their cover controls. This allows the cover owners to monitor the use of their pool covers. By logging in you can tell what user opened the cover last and if they closed it after opening it. The covers cannot be operated through the WiFi connection (per safety standards) but they can be monitored.