We are ALL ABOUT automatic swimming pool safety COVERS
Cover Fabric
The portion of the automatic swimming pool safety cover system that rests on the water and closes off access to the water is generally referred to as the "cover fabric". This material is a manufactured vinyl product having a reinforcing polyester mesh center layer or scrim which gives the product strength and rip-stop protection. The fabric can be a coated vinyl or a laminated vinyl and generally has UV and chlorine inhibitors added during the manufacturing process. They come in varying weights from 14 oz. to 20 oz. per square yard with 16 oz. and 18 oz. being the standard.

The life of the pool cover fabric is 7 - 10 years on average. Automatic pool covers in warmer climates where there is more exposure to the sun and a longer swim season will generally be on the lower end of the average. Following are some factors that affect the life of the automatic swimming pool safety cover fabric.
  • Sun to shade ration over the swimming pool area. In areas with more shade, the covers tend to last longer.
  • Improper chemical balance of the pool water. 
  • Covering a swimming pool after the water has been "shocked' or after acid has been added. As a rule of thumb, "if the water is not safe for swimmer, it is not safe for the swimming pool cover to be over it". 
  • Excessive dirt build up on the pool cover fabric causes acids to attack the vinyl.
  • Use of the automatic pool cover in near freezing conditions may cause premature cracking of the vinyl.
Below are the standard colors offered by most automatic swimming pool safety cover manufactures although many other are available as special order. The colors for the pool cover fabric will vary slightly due to dye lots and individual monitor settings. You can click on the link at the bottom of the page to download the color sample document.

It is recommended that you contact us for actual fabric samples and for choice of custom and designer colors.