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The automatic swimming pool safety cover has come along way in recent years, from hand cranked models to fully automatic, key-operated or touch pad operated systems with WiFi monitoring capability. Water feature shut-off sensors can be installed so that deck jets and/or waterfalls cannot operate when the cover is out over the pool which could cause damage to the pool cover fabric.

Today's automatic pool covers are more reliable and durable, and safer than ever before. 
In this modern age of pool building, the only limitation in pool design is the imagination. There are many builders that will not stray from the norm which limits the dreams of there customers.
At All About Covers we strive to inform the builders as well as the customers of their almost endless options when it comes to incorporating an automatic pool cover into the design of their pool. This site will allow you to get building design ideas as well as providing you with many helpful technical specs. If you have any questions please Contact Us and we will be happy to provide you the answers you require.