We are ALL ABOUT automatic swimming pool safety COVERS

The safety and energy benefits of an automatic swimming pool safety cover are more enticing than ever to today's educated consumers.

Since the birth of the automatic pool cover over five decades ago, the pool cover has become an integral part of the swimming pool design for an ever-increasing number of pool owners, providing safety and energy savings for millions of pool owners worldwide.

Automatic cover indoor pool

Using a pool cover on an indoor pool cuts down on the amount of humidity building up inside the room. The amount of time the dehumidifiers have to operate is greatly reduced. 
Knowing your pool can be conveniently and easily closed, when not in use, gives a pool owner a peace of mind that can be the deciding factor in purchasing a swimming pool. Some cover manufacturers now have WiFi connections for the pool cover which allows the owner to monitor the pool cover. You are not able to open or close the cover but you can check to make sure that it was closed the last time it was opened. 

A fence in between this pool and the lake would distract from the beautiful view. 

Automatic cover closed

The operating costs are lowered with a covered swimming pool which more than offsets the initial expense of an automatic pool cover. Due to the high costs of energy, the market demand for pool covers has never been better.  
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